1991 Librarians Guild election

After surviving heroic attempts to silence me (and, even more serious, to have me fired) by Librarians Guild union bosses (who were also workplace supervisors)  I was finally transferred from Inner City Bookmobile to Exposition Park Regional Branch in early 1991.  Now, in a “safe” location, I decided to run for President of the Librarians Guild in order to promote rank and file members’ interests (after all, it’s supposed to be a rank and file union, isn’t it?).

Below is a link to my campaign statement (redacted to omit personal names)  1991_Guild_Election_Campaign_State_Redacted.

LAPL librarian supervisors were not happy with my campaign.  There were not enough supervisors to form two unions – one for each bargaining unit.  They felt threatened although it was never my intention to remove supervisors from the union – simply to remove them from the grievance process in regard to rank and file grievances.  It is clearly a conflict of interest for supervisors to decide whether or not a rank and file grievance against a supervisor can go to arbitration.

After a nasty campaign statement was sent out by two union bosses on behalf of my opponent (I don’t have a copy of this handy) I sent out to the membership a response (redacted here) – a link to which appears below

1991 Cand for Pres Resp

The election generated a lot of interest and I received quite a few postcards from Guild members expressing their opinions.    Below is a sampling of them (excluding ones that are vulgar, non-informative or slanderous) redacted to omit personal names:



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