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Our “adversarial system” of litigation does not work.   The chief function of the system is to enrich the lawyer industry – not to achieve justice among ordinary citizens. So, of course, when I was summoned for jury duty in … Continue reading

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California Traffic Camera Tickets: Robotic Law Enforcement

Below is part of a “Trial by Declaration” response to a California robot camera ticket.    This was successful.  But it took a year before I got my bail money returned.

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Agency fee.

A strong union is important for public librarians. We are on the cutting edge of an amazing information revolution. Our job description has changed dramatically over the last 15 years. We must now be fluent with new tools of technology … Continue reading

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Usury Laws

According to an excellent article in Harper’s Magazine (April 2009) – Infinite Debt by Thomas Geoghegan – the key to the 2008 financial meltdown and economic crisis can be summed up in one word: USURY. Most analyses of the economic crisis … Continue reading

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Los Angeles Curfew Ordinance

The following is my motion regarding the curfew law submitted while I was an elected member of the Mid City West Community Council: _______________________ Constitutional Analysis of Los Angeles Curfew Ordinance submitted to Mid City West Community Council for discussion … Continue reading

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What is “Free Use” of US Government Depository Library Publications?

“Depository libraries shall make Government publications available for the free use of the general public, . . .”  (44 US Code Sec. 1911).   Private law school libraries receive many thousands of dollars worth of publications for free – at … Continue reading

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