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Below is the bulk of the memo I sent on Jan. 5, 2009 suggesting some library fund raising possibilities:


Suggestions for Friends of EXPO

At the last area meeting I learned that the San Pedro Branch, Friends of the Library, group takes in some $3,000 per month from its monthly book sales. That’s impressive – especially with the current library budget problems. We should explore ways to improve Expo’s financial situation. The following are some ideas along these lines:

We should create a Friends of Expo Group to function as a fund-raising arm of the library.
  1. The Friends group could sponsor book sales (not too original!).
  2. The Friends group could purchase a laser printer so that our many laptop computer users can print make printouts from their laptops. 25 cents per page from this growing segment of the population could add up (my Samsung printer costs me 3.5 cents per page for consumables).
  3. Extending the above idea, a corner of our study room could be set aside for a public fax machine, a color printer, and a US Mail dropoff (three things we are often asked for).
  4. Every Sunday Mr. Carter makes a few bucks for the chess club via donations for coffee & other refreshments. We could explore the possibility of having food vending machines permanently in the meeting room where people could take a break from study for refreshments.
  5. Other libraries have successfully deployed food vending machines and other types of vending machines (the Inglewood Public Library has vending machines for pencils, erasers and small notebooks). For example, San Antonio Public Library:

“The Friends of the San Antonio Public Library operates the Book Cellar, a used book store in the basement of the Central Library. . . . Book sales are the main source of income for the Friends, and the profits are donated to support San Antonio Public Library activities and materials. The Book Cellar is managed by a salaried employee of the Friends and staffed by volunteers from Friends of the San Antonio Public Library. . . . The stock comes from books withdrawn from the library system and donations. Most books sell for 25 cents to $1.00. . . . .Vending Machines
The store sells soda and bottled water and has a snack vending machine available to the public. (from

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