Infopeople is a federally-funded grant project administered by the California State Library.  Its original purpose was to provide public access to, and awareness of, the Internet in public libraries throughout California. (Today its mission has changed to provide a variety of different library training programs.)

Beginning in the early 1990’s I was InfoPeople coordinator for the Central Region of LAPL.   At that time few people had even heard of the “Internet”.   This was before development of the World Wide Web protocal made the internet popular.  At that time, using the Internet meant using protocals such as Veronica, Gopher, Archie, etc.

The Los Angeles Times, Feb. 26, 1995, carried a brief article about my InfoPeople efforts at Exposition Park Branch . . .

My responsibilities as Infopeople coordinator included the following:

  • Attending internet training sessions such as the one linked to below  See Training session agenda    Training Session Agenda.   [One workshop I really enjoyed was a one-day workshop held at Cal State Northridge to learn HTML.  When I realized the similarity between HTML and WordPerfect reveal codes feature (which I was using every day) I took to it right away!]
  • Efforts to drum up interest in the internet in our community.  See, for example, the Project progress report linked-to below . . .                                                                                          Project Progress report
  • Teaching Internet classes at our branch.   My “Webmaster Workshop” at Expo grew out of the InfoPeople series of classes.  See Captain Biblio’s Webmaster Workshop

Early InfoPeople classes were held sitting around reading room computers (see photo below circa 1997)

Later classes were held in the meeting room.





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