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I’m often asked by library patrons if we have a scanner for public use.   On Ebay, I see used flatbed scanners for as little as $12.00.  I can’t think of a better benefit-to-the-public per dollar investment the city could make than this. It could be kept under the reference desk and pulled out once or twice per day when needed (just plug it into the USB port). The librarian could even collect, say, 25 cents per scan and keep this in a drawer at the reference desk. This way the scanner would pay for itself in a short time.  A win-win situation for both the library and the library patrons!

Update 10-23-14

This morning I tested an older scanner (Canoscan N676U) with my Win 7 64-bit machine and see that there is no driver for it. The newer machines at our reference desks are 64-bit. However, the Canoscan LiDE 100 (& 120) will work with the newer machines. And they can be purchased for under $70.00. Still a win-win situation.

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