Uber Complaint

It was just last week I took my first Uber ride.  The short 1-mile trip had me very impressed.  Speed, convenience and affordability seemed to make this form of transportation the best thing since sliced bread.   However, the events of Sunday have completely changed my mind.   I see now why taxi drivers need to be trained and screened not to be crooks.My complaint to the California Public Utilities Commission, Transportation Licensing Dept (which regulates TNC’s including Uber) was prompted by Uber’s dishonesty.  Click the link below to view the pages of the complaint (redacted) which explain the events of last Sunday (April 30, 2017) sans files attached thereto.

Attached sheet to complaint form_Redacted

Below is the May 24, 2017 PUC response . . .

2017_05_27_PUC Response_Redacted

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