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Snipping Tool for XZ lists:

A patron wants to know what childrens’ picture books (XZ’s) our branch has about seasons.

CARL may list some 19 titles of XZ books about seasons.


Since they are sorted by author they may be all in different places.   For a situation like this – to avoid writing down each author and title for shelf-checking – I use the Microsoft Snipping Tool.  This can be found by clicking the Start button, then clicking “All Programs” then clicking the “Accessories” folder.   Right click on “Snipping Tool” and then click on “Send to . . . . ”  “Desktop (create shortcut)”.  The Snipping Tool icon should now be on your desktop . . .

Now left click on the icon and drag it to the taskbar.  You will need to open it from the taskbar while you are in CARL.

When the list is on the CARL screen, click on the Snipping Tool icon and create a screen capture of the list.   Save this to the desktop.   There will now be a file on your desktop named “capture.png”. You can print this out and then take the to the XZ shelves to search for titles.

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